Free Printable Targets!

Thanks for visiting Printable Targets. We’re enthusiastic shooters and want to share our library of shooting targets with you for free! Our targets are all in PDF format and a thumbnail of each is posted so you can know in advance if it is something you’d like to use.

Use Printable Targets

Printable shooting targets are one of the best ways to be sure you keep up your practice as a marksman. Some places charge for their targets, but we give them away for free! By printing your own targets, you can escape the boredom that standard targets offer. printable target ejecting from printerGame targets and ordered objectives keep you on your toes and never let you get complacent as you practice shooting.


You will find printable targets classified into several categories to help you find the target you like faster. Rifle targets are generally used at 50yds or farther distance and some may require the use of a scope for most enjoyment. Pistol targets have larger objectives since most pistol shooting is done at closer range. No matter the category each is posted, use them how you best see fit!

We may from time to time gather other printable targets from around the web if they are distributed freely. Each time, we will be sure to post a source link to be sure the author’s work is credited. If you find a target here that you have created and don’t wish it to be shared, please contact and let us know. We’ll be happy to remove it at your request.

When you need a target printed, just logon to and print as many as you like! Soon we’ll have a way for you to upload your favorite target as well so others can print and use it. Want to brag on how well you completed your target? Our upcoming target forums will let you discuss the targets you’ve used.