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printable targets for close-range pistol use

corrective handgun target

This pistol target will help you correct mistakes when shooting with a handgun. Shoot this target at 5-7 yards and see where your shots fall. Do you flinch or anticipate the shot when shooting a pistol? Do you follow through with each shot correctly? This corrective target is what you need! Flinching and trigger jerks… Read More »

armed robber

Here’s another fun printable target for your day out shooting. On this target, a robber is trying to make off with a bag of loot and he’s willing to stop anyone that gets in his way. Use the firearm of your choice to first try to shoot the gun from his hand, then the bag… Read More »

Simple pistol target

Here’s a simple and quick target to use for close-range pistol practice. Fitting on a regular 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper, it uses little ink, but makes the bulls-eye pop for easy acquisition. Target includes location to record your name, firearm used, distance and date. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Print as often as… Read More »